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Public domain web graphics, plus free photographs, wallpapers, and IM & .ico icons
celine's original graphics

Graphics last updated: Thu, Aug 21, 2008 @ 09:00:39 AM EDT - See what's new!

Welcome to Celine's Original Graphics (formerly Celine's Original .GIFs), home of original and free web graphics, and more.

All the web graphics, IM icons, .ico icons, and wallpapers contained within these pages were created by me, Celine Chamberlin, and are placed willfully and knowingly in the public domain. The photographs, however, are copyrighted, but are still free to use.

That means you have free reign to download, use and/or change these graphics for your own use in your web pages, email, instant messenger programs, print newsletters, etc., both personal and professional.

You don't need to ask permission before use, so download at will, my friends, without fear of copyrights (except the photos, but they're still free to use). If you would like to share your usage of any of these graphics with the author, feel free to contact me. I may not have the time to reply to everyone, but you can be sure I'll give your site a look.

The photos are free to use with only a few restrictions. See that page for details.

If you want to link back to this site, that would be great! Download some link buttons to use on your site. And thanks for the link. If you have a graphics-related site and want to trade links, please see the Related Links page for details. If you've used any of my graphics on your web site and want a link back, check out the Link Exchange page for details.

Please read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) before emailing me with questions. And, as always, check out What's New for recent additions, changes, etc., to this site. If you want to learn more about me (if you're bored, let's say), please read the About Celine page.

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