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Last updated: 05.15.2004
(minor update)
Some Q & A's about this site:

Q. What's up with this site? Is it official, or unofficial?

A. Well, in case the title didn't clue you in (Vinnyfans... An Unofficial Vince Gill Fan Site), then you should know this is an unofficial Vince Gill site, which means it is in no way affilated with Vince Gill, his management, or his record label. It is a fan site run by me, Celine Chamberlin. You can learn a little about me by clicking here.

Please read that page, to learn what sort of connection I have with Vince... which is I have no connection to Vince, at all.

That means I cannot get you tickets (front row or otherwise), backstage passes, venue information, tips on how to meet Vince, get you his autograph, etc., nor can I tell you how to get any of these things. Please read the 'About Me' page for more information on this.

I just don't have the connections. Sorry.

Vince's official sites reside at and

Q. Can I write to Vince from this site? Get Napster Premium!

A. Nope. For that, you need to go to the Official Vince Gill site.

Q. Can you tell me where I can download free MP3s of Vince's music?

A. No, sorry. There are places you can legally purchase them (such as Napster - see the button at right), but I will not help you find illegal MP3s.

Q. Where can I find banners and buttons to put on my web pages so I can link to your site?

A. Head on over to the Link to Vinnyfans, and thanks for the link!

And some Q & A's about Vince Gill:

Q. Where's Vince from, what's his middle name, and what's his fan club address?

A. Ah, glad you asked. Go to the Vinny Bio for those answers.

Q. What's Vince's latest CD release?

A. Check the discography for his latest release info, plus info on all of his other releases. It also has a partial list of compilation releases on which he has songs not available on his regular recordings, plus books and videos.

Q. I hear Vince has written a song for his late father. What is it, and what CD is it on?

A. The song is called "The Key To Life," and it's on The Key. Get it, it's great.

Q. What CD is (insert any Vince song title here) on?

A. See the discography for track titles, song lyric, copyright date, songwriter, etc., information.

Q. Did Vince Gill sing lead on "Amie" by Pure Prairie League?

A. No, he didn't. While he was with PPL for a few years (he joined in 1978, three years after "Amie" was a hit in 1975, and stayed through about 1983), it was actually Craig Fuller who sang on "Amie." Vince did sing lead on PPL's hit song "Let Me Love You Tonight."

Q. Where can I find the lyrics to "Go Rest High On That Mountain"?

A. Go to the When Love Finds You page in the discography section.

Q. Where can I find the lyrics to _______?

A. Check the discography. Most of the songs listed have the lyrics, plus year released, songwriter info, musician info, etc.

Q. What's this I hear about Vince marrying Amy Grant?

A. Yep, he did, on March 10, 2000, and they had a baby on March 12, 2001, named Corrina Grant Gill. Other Amy-related stuff: she co-wrote a song on his Let's Make Sure We Kiss Goodbye release called "When I Look Into Your Heart," as well as sang the song with Vince as a duet. On Next Big Thing she sang harmony on "In These Last Few Days." They've also worked together on other recordings over the years.

Please note: since Vince and Amy have been together for a while now and have a child, I hope people can lay to rest the whole controversy over their getting married in the first place. Their private lives should remain private in my opinion, and will not be subject for fodder on this site. There probably is discussion of it on the message board from time to time, but that board is completely unmoderated and is only provided here because people asked for it. I don't try to control the content, nor do I participate in any discussions on the board.

... more questions and answers will be added as I have reason to add them.

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